Cupola Furnace
The Council had evolved cost effective scrubbing technology for air pollution control in cupola furnace having melting capacity less than 3T/hr in 1994. This technology after thorough evaluation was approved by Punjab Pollution Control Board. The demonstration units had also been setup in the States of J&K, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka and Bihar with funding from SIDBI and DST, GOI.
Salient Features:
  • Capital investment - Rs. 1.25 – 1.50 Lacs
  • Operation & maintenance cost – Negligible
  • No ID Fan is required to run the APCD as thermal draft of flue gases is used to overcome the pressure drop.
  • Workers not exposed to CO emissions on the charging platform.
  • No water pollution as scrubbing effluent is totally re-circulated.
  • SPM level after APCD : 210-275 mg/Nm3 against prescribed standards of 450 mg/Nm3.
  • Technology replicated in around 600 units.
  • Economic gain of around Rs. 10.00 crores / annum has been estimated on account of coke savings and CO2 emission reduction to the tune of 18000 T/annum from 600 units.
Council has also indigenously designed Energy Efficient Cupola Furnace (Divided Blast Cupola). Demonstration units of these furnaces integrated with APCD have been set up in the States of Punjab and Haryana with funding from MoEF and DST, GOI. These units have reported economic gain of Rs. 3-5 lacs / annum on account of reduction in consumption of hard coke, lime stone and electrical energy besides control of pollution. The payback period is only less than a year.
Case Study : Energy Efficient Cupola Furnace integrated with APCD
Contact Persons :
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