Popularization of Science


  • Monthly Punjabi Science magazine ‘Nirantar Soach’ : July, 1996 to present   

Nirantar Soach: August 2017


  • Quarterly newsletter ‘Future Frontiers’ : January 1993 to present  

Future Frontier: October-December, 2016 

Future Frontier: January-March, 2017


  • History of Science & Technology in Punjab
  • Gyan Vigyan Chetna, (2001). Editors : Surjit Singh Gill, N. G. Sharma, N. Jaura & K. S. Bath. PAU & PSCST publication.
  • Food Adulteration- Increasing Consumer Awareness, (2004). Editors : N. G. Sharma, Kanwal Kumar & K.S. Bath. PSCST publication.
  • Gyan Vigyan Jyot (2005). Editors: Kanwal Mahindra, Neelam G. Sharma, K.S. Bath, Sukhjit Kaur and Narinderpal Singh. PAU & PSCST Publication
  • Gyan Vigyan Parkash, (2004). Editors : S.S. Gill, N.G. Sharma, N. Jaura & K.S. Bath. PAU & PSCST Publication.
  • Disasters- Preparedness for Mitigation, (2004). Editors: N. G. Sharma & K.S. Bath. PSCST publication.
  • Disasters- Don’t be scared-be prepared
  • Activity Guides- For Children’s Science Congress- (2000 onwards). Editors: N. G. Sharma & K.S. Bath. PSCST Publication.
  • Summary Books- For Children’s Science Congress- (2000 onwards)
  • Sada Rukh, (2004). Editors : N. G. Sharma & K.S. Bath. PSCST Publication.
  • Revised Publication of 'Our tree'- activity book under project 'Root & Shoot' (2009)- Editors : N. G. Sharma, K.S. Bath & R.Uppal.
  • Kheti Hadsian Ton Savdhan (2007) : PAU & PSCST Publication
  • Networking for WASH (2010) : PAU & PSCST Publication
  • Motivational Programs and Impact Assessment for Talented School Students of Punjab (2007)
  • Report of Northern Regional Orientation Workshop for the State/District Academic Coordinators & Evaluators for Improving Overall Quality of NCSC (2009)-Editors: N. G. Sharma, K.S. Bath ,R.Uppal.
  • Documentation of Traditional agricultural practices (2002) (with PAU)
  • Project report- Analytical Study of Existing Dairy Technology Transfer Sysstem (2006) (with PAU)
  • Database of R&D Institutions in Punjab & Chandigarh (2007)- Editors: M.S.Tiwana, N. G. Sharma, S.K.Saxena,K.S. Bath ,R.Uppal,. H.Saini.
  • Survey Study on R&D requirement Industries in Pujnab  & Chandigarh( 2009)- Editors: M.S.Tiwana, N. G. Sharma, S.K.Saxena,K.S. Bath ,R.Uppal,. H.Saini.
  • Final Project Report ‘Year of Scientific Awareness-2004
  • Mapping of S&T Needs –Inventorization and Documentation of Location Specific Problems Requiring Scientific / Technical Interventions in Punjab (2005)
  • Beiennial Reports of PSCST- 1998 to present

Research Papers

  • Popularization of Science & Technology in Punjab; Database of Women Science and Technology Professionals In Punjab and Chandigarh


  • Shukar Pargaman,
  • Eminent Scientists of Punjab,
  • Sanitation, Hygiene (Wash Your Hands, Water borne diseases),
  • History of Agricultural Implements,
  • Prominent S&T Institutes of Punjab 



  • Neem Biopesticides.
    Eds. Dapinder K Bakshi, Jatinder K Arora, Ajay Deewan 2012. PSCST Publication
  • Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Biotechnology English - Punjabi
    Editors:J. K. Arora, S. S. Dhillon, D. K. Bakshi & A. Dewan 2010. Unistar Books Pvt . Ltd. Chandigarh ISBN 978-93-5017-086-1
  • Technological Options for Women Empowerment & Rural Development. (both English & Punjabi version)
    Editors: J.K. Arora,Vinita Sharma,D. K. Bakshi Y. S. Pandha 2010. Unistar Books Pvt . Ltd. Chandigarh ISBN 978-93-5017-088-5 (E) & 978-93-5017-087(P)

Popular Biotechnology Lecture Series Booklets:

  • Biotechnological Advancements in Food Processing
    Editors D. K. Bakshi & J.K. Arora 2012 DBT and PSCST publication ISBN 978-81-88362-26-4
  • Biotechnological Advancements in Health Care.
    Editors: J.K. Arora and Alkesh 2011 DBT and PSCST Publication ISBN81-88362-21-2
  • Biotechnological Interventions in Food Production, Processing & Safety.
    Editors: J.K. Arora and D.K. Bakshi (2010). DBT and PSCST Publication. ISBN 978-81-88362-24-0

Review articles/Chapters in Books

  • Development of Biotech Crops in India by D.K. Bakshi, J.K. Arora, A Dewan A. 2009. in Biotechnology- Developments & Application ed: Malik, CP, Pointer Publisher. ISBN 978-81-7132-612-9 p: 18-28
  • Genetically modified crops by D.K. Bakshi, J.K. Arora. 2008. in Crop Breeding & Biotechnology ed . Malik C.P ,Kaur,B,Wadhwani C Pointer Publisher ISBN: 978-81-7132-590-0. p: 134-143
  • Genetically modified crops in Indian perspective an overview by D.K. Bakshi, J.K. Arora 2008 in Current Topics in Biotechnology ed . Malik C.P ,Kaur,B,Wadhwani C Pointer Publisher. ISBN: 9788175331020 p: 1-8


  • Promotion of Neem Biopesticides in Punjab
  • Promotion of cultivation and value addition through post harvest processing of bioresources in shivalik belt
  • Jamandru Nuks - Samasiya ate upa
  • Is routine ultrasound essential in pregnancy.
  • Rhizobium Biofertilizers.
  • Biosafety Issues

Brochures/ Pamphlets

  • Preparation of protein enriched livestock feed through bioconversion of Cereal Straw in Punjabi
  • Rhizobium - a money saver
  • Biotechnology - key to a better living
  • Biotechnology in Agriculture
  • Urominlick


  • Biotechnology Education Modules for UNESCO (J.K. Arora & S.S. Marwaha)
  • Genetic Disorders J.K. Arora, Harjot Pal Kaur, S.S. Marwaha)

Technology packages:

  • Solid Waste Management through Vermiculture Biotechnology in English and Punjabi (J.K. Arora & S.S. Marwaha)
  • Pleurotus Cultivation in English and Punjabi (J.K. Arora, S.S. Marwaha, P.K. Khanna & H.S. Garcha)
  • Manual on Biosafety Issues (Purvi Mehta Bhatt, J.K. Arora & S.S. Marwaha)




  • Tree Directory of Punjab
  • Guide Book: Energy Education for Students (English & Punjabi)
  • Abstract Book: International Conference on 'Climate Change, Biodiversity & Food Security in the South Asian Region'
  • Birds of Keshopur Wetland (A Field Guide)
  • Punjab Environment Abstracts (1975-1995)
  • Biodiversity: The Web of Life
  • Biodiversity: The Very Stuff of Life


Status of Environment Reports

  • State of Environment - Punjab 2014
  • State of Environment- Punjab 2007
  • State of Environment- Punjab 2005
  • Status Report on Municipal Solid Waste Management in Punjab
  • Status Report on Biomedical Waste Management in Punjab
  • Plastic Waste Management and Inventorization of Recycling Units in Punjab



  • Vol.14, No.1 and 2  Solar Energy: Ultimate Renewable Resource
  • Vol.14, No.3 The State Bird of Punjab: Northern goshawk
  • Vol. 14, No. 4 Rice Husk Ash Utilization:  Technological Options for  Silica Recovery
  • Vol. 13 No.1 & 2 Vulture: An Endangered Bird
  • Vol. 13 No.3 International Environmental Conventions: An Indian Perspective
  • Vol. 13 No. 4 Climate Change
  • Vol. 12 No.1 & 2 Ecological Traditions and Role of Socio-cultural and Religious Practices for Biodiversity Conservation
  • Vol. 12 No.3 Water Resources in Punjab
  • Vol. 12 No.4 Technological Developments in Pulverized Coal Fired Steel Re-rolling Mills for Energy Efficiency
  • Vol. 11, No.1 Indigenous Farm Animals of Punjab
  • Vol. 11, No.2 Air Quality Status and Trends in Punjab
  • Vol. 11, No.3 Indus River Dolphin (Platanista gangetica minor) Status and Conservation in Punjab (India)
  • Vol. 11, No.4 Invasive Alien Plant Species in Punjab
  • Vol.10, No.1 Sustainable Livelihoods: Traditional Practices and Recent Approaches
  • Vol.10, No.2 Biodiversity Rich Areas: New Identified Sites in Punjab
  • Vol.10, No.3 Education for Sustainable Development
  • Vol.10, No.4 Sustaining the Re-rolling Sector through Energy Conservation Measures and Better Operating and Firing Practices
  • Vol.9, No. 3 and 4 Intensive Agriculture
  • Vol.9 No. 2 Community Reserves: Punjab
  • Vol.9 No. 1 Clean Development Mechanism



  • Air Purifying Indoor Plants
  • Protected Area Network of Punjab
  • Biodiversity
  • Wetlands of Punjab
  • Action Towards Sustainability
  • Popular Ornamental Flower
  • Invasive Alien Plant Species in Punjab
  • Indus River Dolphin (Platanista gangetica minor)
  • Water Resources in Punjab
  • Sacred Plants Grown in Formation
  • Protected Area Network of Punjab
  • RCE-Chandigarh
  • Kanjli Wetland
  • Harike Wetland
  • Important Birds of Kanjli Wetland
  • Important Birds of Harike Wetland


Research Papers/Articles

  • Pesticide Pollution in Punjab: A Review, 2007. Tiwana N.S., Jerath, Singh G . and Singh, R. (Editors). Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution, 6 (1).Pp :88-96
  • Bio-fertilizers: An Eco-friendly way to Replace Chemical Fertilizers
  • Characterization of Mango Diversity
  • Span Magazine, September, 2009. Globe Shines in Indian Schools, (Ed.) Giriraj Aggarwal, Published by Embassy of United States
  • The CloudSat Downlink: The Newsletter of CEN, 2008. NASA Club Inspires Indian Students Students explore clouds, environment, and poetry in Punjab, India. Published by Colorado State University
  • Climate EduXchange: A TERI-Dell initiative, 2012. CloudSat Education Network Programme, Use of ICT in Education for Sustainable Development. Published by TERI, New Delhi 

Consultancy Cell

Information Brochure

  • Information Brochure - Reverse Osmosis
  • Information Brochure - Madhopur Technology
  • Information Brochure - APC in Rice Shellers
  • Information Brochure - Energy Efficient Brick Kilns with Integrated Air Pollution Control Measures
  • Information Brochure - Cupola Furnace
  • Information Brochure - Resource Efficient Bricks
  • Information Brochure - Pollution Prevention and Control in Metal Finishing Industry
  • Information Brochure - Induction Furnace
  • Information Brochure - Rolling Mills


Films & Quickies

  • Video - Air Pollution Control In Cupola Furnaces
  • Video - Eent Bhaton Mein Behtar Karya Vidhi
  • Video - Brick Industry Towards Cleaner Environment
  • Video - Air Pollution Control in Rice Shellers
  • Video - ETB-2001


  • Model on - Cupola Furnace
  • Model on "Induction Furnace"
  • Model on "Rice Shellers"
  • Model on "Stone Crushers"




  • Spin Offs +

    Information resources on leading issues, events and ideas on climate change.

    Children Science Congress 2016-2017+

    Knowledge base of the current trends and practices on sustainable building design.

    Punjab State Climate Change knowledge Centre +
    Information on, Punjab State Climate Change knowledge Centre.
    Har Gobind Khorana Lecture Series +
  • Knowledge City +

    Knowledge City is a mega initiative of the State Government Coordinated

    Punjab Envis Center+

    Platforms to engage young people and make them
    aware on environmental issues.

    Science Essay Writing Competition for 2017 +

    To discover scientific talent and encourage students to think on broader aspects of........

  • Punjab Biodiversity Board +

    Conservation of Biological Diversity of Punjab by implementing the Biological Diversity Act 2002.

    PSCST news +

    At the forefront of Sustainable Change