Popularization of Science


The Council has identified Popularization of Science as one of its key areas with the purpose of infusing scientific attitude in the public mind, through means of display, publications, programmes etc. The fundamental objective is to signify the usable aspects of science & technology and to make the young and adults feel aroused to seek scientific basis behind every human activity.
Major objectives are:


Propagation of fundamentals of Science & technology among the masses


To dissolve the barriers between school, home and community and accelerate the diffusion of the message of science to all


Creation of awareness in the individual as well as the community about the impact of Science & Technology


Creation of a feeling in children that science is fun


Involving teachers, students, NGOs in S&T training programmes/ activities to spread the message of science.

Current Projects

1. Celebration of National Science Day  

2. Organization of Children Science Congress

3. Celebration of National Mathematics Day

4. Science Communication Centre (VVSK)

5. Eco-Water Literacy Campaign-Networking for WASH

6. Short and Long Term Programs for S&T Communication and Popularization

7. Publications and Resource Material

8. Visit to Industries & Technical Institutes in Punjab & Chandigarh:

9. Awareness Program on Cancer in Women in Malwa Region of Punjab

10. Importance of S&T in the Development of States

11. Motivational Contact Program and Impact Assessment for Talented School Students of Punjab

12. Science for Women Health and Nutrition through Community Radio


Completed Projects

1. History of Science & Technology in Punjab

2. Prepration of Software on History of Science & Technology in Punjab

List of Publications/ Resource Material of PoS Division



Monthly Punjabi Science magazine ‘Nirantar Soach’ : July, 1996 to present


Quarterly newsletter ‘Future Frontiers’ : January 1993 to present


Annual Reports of PSCST – 1998 to 2012


Beiennial Reports of PSCST- 1998 to present


Gyan Vigyan Chetna, (2001). Editors : Surjit Singh Gill, N. G. Sharma, N. Jaura & K. S. Bath. PAU & PSCST publication.


Food Adulteration- Increasing Consumer Awareness, (2004). Editors : N. G. Sharma, Kanwal Kumar & K.S. Bath. PSCST publication.


Gyan Vigyan Jyot (2005). Editors: Kanwal Mahindra, Neelam G. Sharma, K.S. Bath, Sukhjit Kaur and Narinderpal Singh. PAU & PSCST Publication


Gyan Vigyan Parkash, (2004). Editors : S.S. Gill, N.G. Sharma, N. Jaura & K.S. Bath. PAU & PSCST Publication.


Disasters- Preparedness for Mitigation, (2004). Editors: N. G. Sharma & K.S. Bath. PSCST publication.


Disasters- Don’t be scared-be prepared


Activity Guides- For Children’s Science Congress- (2000 onwards). Editors: N. G. Sharma & K.S. Bath. PSCST Publication.


Summary Books- For Children’s Science Congress- (2000 onwards)


Sada Rukh, (2004). Editors : N. G. Sharma & K.S. Bath. PSCST Publication.


Revised Publication of 'Our tree'- activity book under project 'Root & Shoot' (2009)- Editors : N. G. Sharma, K.S. Bath & R.Uppal.


Kheti Hadsian Ton Savdhan (2007) : PAU & PSCST Publication


Networking for WASH (2010) : PAU & PSCST Publication


Motivational Programs and Impact Assessment for Talented School Students of Punjab (2007)


Report of Northern Regional Orientation Workshop for the State/District Academic Coordinators & Evaluators for Improving Overall Quality of NCSC (2009)-Editors: N. G. Sharma, K.S. Bath ,R.Uppal.


Documentation of Traditional agricultural practices (2002) (with PAU)


Project report- Analytical Study of Existing Dairy Technology Transfer Sysstem (2006) (with PAU)


Database of R&D Institutions in Punjab & Chandigarh (2007)- Editors: M.S.Tiwana, N. G. Sharma, S.K.Saxena,K.S. Bath ,R.Uppal,. H.Saini.


Survey Study on R&D requirement Industries in Pujnab  & Chandigarh( 2009)- Editors: M.S.Tiwana, N. G. Sharma, S.K.Saxena,K.S. Bath ,R.Uppal,. H.Saini.


Final Project Report ‘Year of Scientific Awareness-2004


Mapping of S&T Needs –Inventorization and Documentation of Location Specific Problems Requiring Scientific / Technical Interventions in Punjab (2005)


Posters- Shukar Pargaman, Eminent Scientists of Punjab, Sanitation, Hygiene (Wash Your Hands, Water borne diseases), History of Agricultural Implements, Prominent S&T Institutes of Punjab etc


Research papers- Popularization of Science & Technology in Punjab; Database of Women Science and Technology Professionals In Punjab and Chandigarh


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