Completed Projects

Popularization of Science

1. History of Science & Technology in Punjab

2. Prepration of Software on History of Science & Technology in Punjab


  • Workshops on Low Cost Teaching Aids at PGSC, Kapurthala and Chandigarh
  • Science & Sanitation Month Program
  • Networking for WASH- Eco-Water Literacy Campaign all over Punjab
  • Workshop on Science Communication through Digital Media at Patiala and Chandigarh
  • District Level Training workshops on Micr-organisms at Patiala and Chandigarh


  • District Level Workshops on Disaster Preparedness at Patiala, Bathinda, Sahauran and Ropar
  • Science & Sanitation Month Program
  • Networking for WASH- Eco-Water Literacy Campaign all over Punjab
  • Three Day Camp on Astronomy and Astrophysics at Patiala and Mohali
  • Workshop on Innovative Experiments in Physics at Mohali


  • Northern Zone Master Resource Persons’ Training Program on Total Solar Eclipse at Amritsar
  • Northern Region Orientation Workshop for the State/ District Academic Coordinators & Evaluators for improving the overall quality of NCSC at PAU, Ludhiana
  • 12th Motivational Program for Talented School Students at Patiala
  • Survey Study on R&D requirements of Industries at Punjab & Chandigarh


  • Zonal level workshop on Miracles at Bathinda and Amritsar
  • Workshop on Astronomy for VIPNET clubs
  • Master Resource Persons Training Workshop on Outreach Campaign for Understanding Planet Earth
  • State level workshop on Micro-organisms
  • Motivational contact programmes for talented school students at Patiala, Amritsar, Chandigarh and Ludhiana

  • State level workshop on Miracles at Chandigarh
  • Zonal level workshop on Miracles at Dhanaula and Ferozepur
  • Workshop on Safety measures against harmful effect of pesticides at PAU, Ludhiana
  • Physics learning camp for undergraduate students
  • Motivational contact programmes for talented school students at Patiala, Chandigarh & Amritsar

  • Zonal level workshops on Disaster preparedness at Ludhiana, Patiala, Bathinda, Amritsar and Hoshiarpur
  • National Workshop on How to Organize a Jatha
  • District level workshops on Nature Activity Camp at Anandpur Sahib, Patiala, Ludhiana, Kapurthala and Ferozepur
  • S&T Communication through Puppetry at Mohali
  • Orientation workshop on Physics teaching
  • Orientation workshop and Hands on Activities under VIPNET
  • Motivational programme for talented school students at Ludhiana

  • Appreciating Physics in daily life
  • National workshop on ‘Role of Gram Panchayats‘ in creating scientific awareness at Chandigarh
  • State level workshop on Disaster Preparedness at Chandigarh
  • District level workshops on S&T Communication through Puppetry at Patiala, Kotkapura, Anandpur Sahib, Ferozepur & Pathankot
  • Zonal level workshops on Disaster Preparedness at Ludhiana & Patiala
  • Zonal level workshops on Disaster Preparedness at Ludhiana & Patiala
  • Training Workshops on creating awareness about Geo-Informatics in rural schools in 10 rural schools each of districts Ludhiana, Amritsar, Patiala & Mansa
  • State level workshop on Enhancing Science Coverage in Print Media at Chandigarh

  • Workshop on solid waste management through Vermicomposting for school teachers at Ludhiana
  • Workshop on Transit of Venus
  • Orientation workshop on Geoinformatics
  • Motivational programme for talented school students at Chandigarh
  • Mega-Project on Celebration of year 2004 as ‘Year of Scientific Awareness’
  • Agrasar Lectures-cum- Demonstrations on Science & Technology
  • State Level Orientation Course in Effective Use of Mass Media for Dissemination of Science & Technology at PAU, Ludhiana




  • Assessment of Biochemical and Molecular Diversity of Azadirachta Indica In Punjab
  • Programs for Promotion of Biotechnology In Punjab
  • Projects on Development of Activity Based Biotechnology Educational Modules With UNESCO.
  • Organization of COSMID : 2003 - A Festival of Biotechnology
  • Promotion of Solid Waste Management through Vermicomposting and Demonstration on Production of Pleurotus in Punjab
  • Mission Mode Project on Technology Development and demonstration of biofertilizers-Rhizobium
  • Utilization of DNA Fingerprinting and PCR Technology in Forensic Applications
  • mmunological Characterization & Biological Activity of Lectins from Legumes
  • Protein Enriched Biodegraded Cereal Crop Residues as Livestock Feed.
  • Selenium Status & Cancer Incidence Relation in Punjab : Epidemiological Stud
  • Transfer of Technology from Lab to Land of Urominlick feeding to economize Livestock Productivity
  • Evaluation of the Usefulness of Transrectal Ultrasound - the Diagnosis & Management  of Carcinoma of the Prostate.
  • Management of Anovulatory and Unexplained Infertility
  • Use of Terpenoids to Raise Wheat Production in Punjab
  • Usefulness of Routine Ultra Sonography in Pregnancy.
  • Study of Iridium-192 Radio Active Isotopes in the Treatment of Head & Neck Cancer.



1.Preparation of State Policy on Environment & Development and Guidelines for Development Departments
2. UNESCO Projects
3.Green Aid Plan
4. Punjab Environment Status Report, 1995
5. Village Environment Improvement Scheme
6. Studies in Air, Water & Soil borne pollution in Amritsar
7. Allelopathic Impact of Sun-flower of Punjab Crops
8. Essay, Poster & Declamation Contest on Environment
9. Analytical Studies on Aquatic Ecosystem of Punjab
10. A study of Insecticides & Pesticides Pollution of Food stuffs & their toxic effect on man
11. Survey & Analysis of Ornamental Trees of Punjab for use in landscaping for improvement of environment
12. Effect of Budha Nallah Pollution on river quality and reproductive biology of some fishes
13. Demonstration of Low cost sanitation and low cost soak pit technologies
14. Survey of solid waste in seven towns
15. Project entitled "Human resource development and capacity building through development of target specific resource material and training for protection, conservation and restoration of wetlands in Punjab( India)"
16.Previous Trainings/Seminars/Workshops

Consultancy Cell


Demonstration of Air Pollution Control Devices in Cupola Furnace in Bihar, Haryana & Karnataka.


DCM Engineering Works


Pipe Fitting Galvanizing Unit


Development of Efficient Rice Shelling Technologies


Feasibility Studies for Setting CETP for 500 Ni-Cr Electroplating Units of Ludhiana


To Design, Develop and Evaluate Low Cost Technology for the Treatment of Domestic Sewage in Rural Areas


Comprehensive Industry Document: Development of Emission Standards and Good Practices for Electric Arc Furnaces and Induction Furnaces in SSI Sector


Feasibility Studies on use of Fly Ash in Clay-Fly Ash Brick Making in the State of Haryana.


Implementation of the provisions of the Municipal Solid Waste (Management & Handling) Rules-2000 Installation of Demonstration Facilities for Kartarpur & Mandi Gobindgarh.


Training Programme on Air Pollution Control in Cupola Furnaces at Belgaum, Karnataka


Industrial pollution abatement through preventive strategies - Waste minimization studies and air pollution control in cupola furnaces in Smalalkha, District Panipat, (Haryana).


Training Programme on "Clean Technologies and Waste Minimization for Prevention of Industrial Pollution"


Assessment of Infrastructure requirements in Rural and Urban habitats of Punjab - TPFC


Standardization and Improvement in Design & Working of Wood Charcoal Bhatties in the State of Punjab


Cleaning of Budha Nallah
  • Spin Offs +

    Information resources on leading issues, events and ideas on climate change.

    Children Science Congress 2016-2017+

    Knowledge base of the current trends and practices on sustainable building design.

    Punjab State Climate Change knowledge Centre +
    Information on, Punjab State Climate Change knowledge Centre.
    Har Gobind Khorana Lecture Series +
  • Knowledge City +

    Knowledge City is a mega initiative of the State Government Coordinated

    Punjab Envis Center+

    Platforms to engage young people and make them
    aware on environmental issues.

    Science Essay Writing Competition for 2017 +

    To discover scientific talent and encourage students to think on broader aspects of........

  • Punjab Biodiversity Board +

    Conservation of Biological Diversity of Punjab by implementing the Biological Diversity Act 2002.

    PSCST news +

    At the forefront of Sustainable Change